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    Your home is a mess. The family is over this move. Piles for Goodwill have not been picked up. For the first time ever, the dog has done his business in the dining room. Boxes are stacked everywhere and counters are cluttered. Close of escrow is in 4 days . The buyers request a walk-thru of the property in the morning, what? Yes, they have that option and are wise to exercise it. The sellers responsibility is to give access to the property. All receipts for agreed upon repairs need to be available. The home must be in the same physical condition as it was at the time of the contract. This means landscaping and pool should look great.  Sellers can use the garage during this time, pile all packed boxes inside and leave cars outside. The interior is going to be controlled chaos . The buyer will flush every toilet, turn on appliances , check a/c, and go over the receipts. Many times they bring back the inspector. Clutter and piles aside, make sure to have all work finished and documented. That is the priority. Clean as best as you can, spray some Febreeze and exit for an hour. Keep repeating, almost over....



    Laura Lee Cahal


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