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    Previewing property for a buyer is a priority. If I just went by the MLS description I would be embarrassed frequently. A "remodeled" home I saw yesterday still has gold tone shower doors and bath fixtures from the 80's. The " Gourmet" kitchen had white laminate counter tops, no fridge and almond appliances. No wonder there were zero pictures of the kitchen available. The roof was mentioned as "new" ...in 2005. I so appreciate an accurate description, it helps all of us perform better. The home was built in 1963, it could have stated remodeled in 1988 , roof replaced in 2005. The next home stated "updated this summer". The interior was painted, carpet replaced and lite fixtures replaced. A nice surprise was that the appliances were newer as well. Accurate and undersold, I will show this home today! The "new" home was a disaster. New means new, unused .The garage had been recently converted to livable space and opened to the kitchen. All bathrooms were original. Newer carpet and old dirty tile on the floors.Some new fixtures. The structure, wiring, plumbing and roof were all 1988 . With a remodeled room addition only, the home is not new. In Phoenix some will tear down a structure leaving an existing wall or two for setback reasons. Then build a new structure attached to those walls. Plumbing, foundation, wiring etc are all new. Tax records will show this home as a remodel and the build date as original (1963) . It is new if the land is scraped completely. There are Agents that implement their own in house rules. For example, over $ 500,000 documented remodel equals a new home. Marketing not facts that an appraiser may not agree with. Research, ask questions and know what you are buying.



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