August 19th, 2014 12:00am

The perfect buyer, whew! They LOVE your home. Their family is similar to yours as is their lifestyle. They are pre-qualified with a large down payment or have verifiable cash. They offer just under asking price and you are sure they will pay full price. Really, this happens for me one in every ten transactions. These are happy sales for everyone involved with minimal back and forth.  The opposite transaction starts with many visits and a long list of requests even before a contract is submitted. Nip this rapidly or the buyer will be in control until the end. Once a contract is accepted after much negotiating, hopefully you held a little back as you will need it for inspections.Walk- thru can be difficult with these buyers so photograph the home on your phone as you leave. I have had calls weeks later that a stove was not in the guest home upon possession by the buyer or the wood floor was stained or the microwave was different or the TV went missing. Document every conversation with these buyers and save the file forever!

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