Two Hats

    The sellers "hat" tells you that your home is way way  better than the others in your price range. You know every penny that has gone into making this home a palace and want it back plus more. Going out and looking at the competition is a great exercise. Take notes. Return to your home, arrive thru the front door. Look at the value you can see, not what you know. Listen to your agent and be a seller. Switch hats, now you have the buyers cap on. Let's go shopping! You have looked online, narrowed down your options by doing a  drive by. Looking above your budget is common because " this home is over-priced and I won't pay that" buyer syndrome has entered your brain. You know the value and expect sellers to accept and understand your edict. Yesterday I had a call from a long time client that fell in love with a new listing that he felt was "grossly" over priced. It was on the market 3 days. In the private remarks it states there are 3 offers, one accepted and 2 back-ups. Over asking price. My client is now convinced his home's value has gone up dramatically and wants to sell.



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