The PERFECT house

August 27th, 2014 12:00am

It is not a home until you move in and make it yours...that is when the perfection happens. I interview Sellers and many times they spend time telling me the homes imperfections . They apologize for them and offer to correct the "flaws" if possible.  I wonder how they have lived in this imperfect home. Buyers come into a home and hope for the same airbrushed experience they had from the photo gallery. The visual they get from the staged home on HGTV is the expectation of every home the buyer previews. Much of my job is repeating "there is no perfect home" period. Charm, character,quirks,age,taste, wear and tear, new construction, bedroom count, bathroom count, location of bedrooms, laundry room........the list is long. Before you shop ,as a buyer, make a list of what is important to you. Be aware of what you can change and what you can not. You can update a kitchen but may not want to relocate it . As a Seller, walk the property with your Agent and together make a list of items to address. In my experience, this list is generally shorter than the sellers and contains different items than the seller was concerned about. Once our home became a house and an investment first, the hunt for perfection became the goal.

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