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    Being a seller means you want to sell , we'll assume. You have hired a professional, worked together to make your home perfect and now it is time to go live.With the stroke on a keyboard your listing should become active and sent to many websites.Within 24 hours actively searching buyers will have looked, driven by and requested to view. Make your home available that first week as there is always a buyer pool waiting for inventory. Decide with your Agent how much notice you will need to vacate for the showing. Please leave! Having a seller on site is very uncomfortable for a buyer. Do not answer your door to anyone that just shows up to view your home. It happens, someone sees the sign and just knocks on the door. If they are really a buyer you won't lose them, promise. Taking your animals with you is a pain and a priority. I have had buyers refuse to enter a home with a dog due to fear and a cat due to severe allergies. No, your sleeping teen or sick child can not stay in their bedroom with the door closed. While you find Grandpa funny, the buyers may not... so he needs to go for a ride as well. This is hard work to maintain and exit your home multiple times daily for an extended time. I personally move my family frequently to remind me of the hell I put others through!



    Laura Lee Cahal


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