Say Cheese!

August 12th, 2014 12:00am

We have one shot to get a buyer's attention online. The search for a new home starts with a photo, so it needs to be the best. Some companies only allow a front shot of the home as the priority picture. Each property is different and each shot must be planned and previewed. Hire a professional please! Put every lite on in the house. I prefer a dusk photo shoot. They cost a bit more but the soft lite and nite time glow make every home look better. No photos of toilets , automobiles or people. We are not selling furniture.  Kitchen, master, patios and backyards sell. The idea is to get a series of great shots to string together to show the flow of the home. This is set to music and becomes a tour. You tube it!  Track your hits. Instant daily feedback is powerful.

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