The home inspection results are viewed by many as a way to renegotiate the contract. There is no perfect home. Your home is not new, however many buyers want it to function as new. Building codes change from year to year. What was required in 1978 is substandard today.  For example sprinklers in ceilings or GFI 's for the outlets were rarely present in residential homes. Also, recalled items that a homeowner never followed up on. Poly pipes for the plumbing or aluminium wiring are big issues to inspectors and some buyers. You will receive a long detailed report with pictures. Upon viewing,  " I would not even buy this home based on this report" is a frequent response from sellers. The summary page will contain "action" items. An educated inspector will offer a website for additional info on missed recall items. The buyer will work with their agent to perform follow up inspections and/or a response. This is when you know how serious they are about your home. Big stuff like the leaky roof are common sense repairs. If they request EVERY item repaired or replaced, get ready for a difficult negotiation. Money frequently solves most issues.



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