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    Walking up to the front door is an anxious time for the buyer. It is like unwrapping a holiday present, hoping the inside is as good as the outside. As a seller you only get one 5 second shot to capture the buyer. Make it count. Go into your home through the front door, pause and smell. Breakfast bacon is not so great at 4 pm ,promise. Animal smells will kill a deal faster than a flood.  The smell of a fresh coat of paint says "new " to the buyer. Paint a wall in the entry! Do all the lite bulbs work? Can you navigate side by side without running into furniture ? Rugs that don't move are mandatory. The buyer may have a walker or wheelchair. When in doubt, remove. Open all curtains, blinds and shutters please. Clean the lite switches and corners of walls. Buyers want your home to look like their "new" home. Any personal photos, religious items or nudes need to be stored for your next home. You will pack it all up anyway so get a head start. Be a seller, commit to the process and let your home go. Thank you!



    Laura Lee Cahal


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