August 16th, 2014 12:00am

With all the photos and tours and print ads, why do an open house?  Simple, it is another tool in the box to use. " I don't want my neighbors going through my home" is the most common objection. Just think,  your neighbors may want to pick their new neighbor. Buyers need to see your home, some stress free. They can come in and picture themselves living there. The atmosphere is relaxed with refreshments and cookies. The goal is to sell your home. Notifications on MLS are placed and alert anyone that has viewed your home online. This has become a powerful tool. The great majority of people are respectful , don't look in drawers or closets. They look for design ideas and how you have filled your space. Serious buyers take this time to inspect your home. They walk every corner of the lot, open every door, check out the pool equipment, bring their friends and need a push to offer. These buyers drive the neighborhood, chat with your neighbors and feel comfortable all due to an open house invitation. Standard times are 1-4 but 12-5 is becoming popular. Go enjoy your Sunday and let the professionals get to work.

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