Make your offer

August 26th, 2014 12:00am

With all the information and pretty pictures plus virtual tours available, buyers get lost on the Internet. There is a false sense of unlimited inventory and time. Many of the larger sites take days to show changes. Some never show status changes until sold and recorded. One of the most popular sites will wait one week after sold to show the change. Daily I receive lists of homes from people and they are always surprised that many choices are gone. Get serious, go out and physically view property. Take notes and name each home you are interested in like "yellow kitchen". This makes it easier to discuss rather than the address. Go home and review your notes. Narrow down choices to three. Go back for another look assuming they are still available. Look at the comps and formulate your offer. Ask yourself if you would be disappointed if someone else bought this home. Have a sense of urgency not pressure. Make the offer now. There is only one guarantee, every house sells.

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