Just Say No

    As facilitators , negotiators and mediators it is difficult to just say no. We as advisers are always searching for a solution. Rarely giving up, throwing in the towel, admitting defeat or quitting we just power through looking for a compromise. On occasion a client is so off on the listing price you just have to say "no thank you" and move on. Last week a long time client decided to sell an estate that has been leased. Money needs to be spent to repair wear and tear prior to the home hitting the market. The seller wants 1.5 million more that the estate would be worth if it was unused and new. This will be a costly listing in time and money with an unhappy client. Telling the client honestly what the values are, sharing the CMA and taking a pass when he would not budge from his price was difficult. There will always be another agent who will market the home. Many times it takes 3 different listing agents to help the seller hear what the market is saying. Wish them all success and move on to the next deal.



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