It's like a Physical

August 20th, 2014 12:00am

Inspection day. With great organization and care the Agents try to have all inspections on the same day. Yes, you as the seller must leave. This is the buyers time to bond with your home. A general Inspector, termite inspector, Pool expert, Exterior liting and sprinkler expert, Structural engineer ( if in sandy soil or flood plain), and Roofer. The majority of transactions will be reactive and have the general inspection on one day, then call individual experts for other days as noted in inspection report. Any warranties you have as a homeowner should be left out for Inspectors. The Seller Disclosure report should be made available as well. Please pull boxes away from the walls. Closets need to have clear floors. Leave dirty dishes in dishwasher as the inspector will run it . Every window and door will be open. If you have screens stored, pull them out. Leave all keys and garage door openers out as well. Hide your valuables, this is an invasive inspection. Fido needs to leave with you. Give the inspector your cell number, they will text when finished, 3-6 hours depending on size of home. If you had your home inspected prior to marketing , this will not be as difficult. Good luck!

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