Inspection Complete

August 22nd, 2014 12:00am

Now what? At this time most sellers will ask if we are "done" now. They have been put thru the ringer. Vacating your home at a moments notice and returning to find your stuff moved. It is unsettling even for the pro. Plan on more requests from the buyer to measure, show to friends and family or finally the kids. Now their interior designer wants to spend a couple hours 'processing". You can say no, but I strongly encourage keeping the buyer happy.The loan contingency is still in play. The appraisal needs to be completed and frequently a second appraisal is required. Please keep the house as close to show ready as possible. Continue to water plants and clean the pool. Use the garage to pile up boxes ready to move. Generally two weeks prior to closing is your time as the seller to dismantle and pack. Make sure all repairs are completed one week prior to close of escrow. Sadly, there is no time to relax so just breathe!

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