With all the effort to get your home show ready, you deserve INSTANT feedback. It is easier than ever now. In the "old days", 5 years ago, clients were happy with a weekly report every Monday via email. Communicate your expectations to your agent. I phone or text my clients after every showing so the feedback is fresh. We learn from the buyers objections even if it is price point related. Enough buyers mention the home behind yours as an issue, it may be time to plant a tree. The house shows dark , we may install a tube skylight. Thanks to HGTV,  the public thinks a kitchen can be installed for 10k or paint color is a reason to remodel. Last week at an open house , buyers came through looking for a "white kitchen" because that is what their designers said was the trend. Thankfully I had an estimate to replace all the cabinetry with clean line flat panel fronts . Anticipating objections and having a remedy available is crucial today. You may love your Saltillo flooring but do not be surprised when your agent requests an estimate for removal and replacement with wood. A/C units function but they are 15 years old, get an estimate to replace. Try to detach emotionally and cash a check so you can move on.



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