August 7th, 2014 12:00am

Breathtaking! That is a good comment, right? Of course, if it is said about the view out the dining room french doors. Sadly, it was said about the sellers Waterford Ice Blue chandelier they received as a wedding gift. The buyer can not picture the home without it . The seller wants the lite fixture excluded from the sale. The listing Agent stated the exclusion in MLS under "Realtor Remarks". The buyers Agent informed the buyer prior to showing the home. Now instead of negotiating the homes sale price , we will spend days negotiating a 50k lite fixture . Do us all a favor, hire a handyman and remove the items you do not wish to convey. BEFORE your home is photographed all TVs , lite fixtures, mirrors and favorite built in cappuccino machine must be out of sight. It is basic human nature , tell a buyer they can not have it and it will be all they want, exclusively!

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