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    When Real Estate was sexy, cocktail party conversation was all about the deal. Everyone wanted to brag about the property they stole. The one they just sold to multiple offers at 50% over asking price was not uncommon. As my husband was getting his hair cut, the stylist is lecturing him on his real estate holdings. She has flipped a couple of homes in a market a monkey could have turned a profit. She is an expert. Flash forward 10 years, the Internet is the expert. It reports daily activity all over the USA. The information shapes a buyers approach. A single Doc fell in love with another home, wrote contract that nite. Woke up to the news saying the residential market was slowing due to interest rate increase,she panicked. That information was simply not accurate in the market she was looking to purchase. My phone is ringing off the hook. We are still dealing with super cheap money . Cash is king . Real Estate may not be sexy but it is a great investment. Consult an area expert and listen to them.



    Laura Lee Cahal


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