Crystal Ball

August 11th, 2014 12:00am

If only I had a crystal ball I could answer with certainty " How much is my house going to sell for?" . We can rely on the area comps to give us a baseline for value.We can then factor in improvements and location. I advise a pre-market appraisal for each listing. An appraisal is only good for the day it is written however it gives us two important items. Accurate square footage and a floor plan, each of which we will use in the MLS listing. As a seller , you own the appraisal and do not have to share the information . The additional value will come when your buyer has their appraiser view the home.  As a seller, be direct with your Agent as to your level of motivation to sell. Needing to sell is different than wanting to sell. Your Agent will be aware of neighborhood trends and have an "instinct" as to pricing. Devise a pricing strategy together, write it down!

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