Buyer Pool

August 15th, 2014 12:00am

Yea! The phone is ringing and there are 2-3 showings a day for the first week before the Open House. This is known as the" buyer pool" waiting on the sidelines for the perfect home. Weeding through this group takes time. Yesterday I talked with a seller who is waiting on a buyer that has been shown their home three times. Is this a buyer or a dreamer? Further conversation revealed the buyer lives in the neighborhood and would need to offer contingent upon the sale of their home. Probably not the right buyer for this property. We look for a buyer that has been pre-qualified with a local lender or has proof of funds to pay cash. Ability to perform is #1. Combine that ability with an emotional attachment to the home and you can expect an offer. Two visits are common, more if the buyer intends to remodel. Many buyers want a Contractor to give them a bid  prior to writing an offer. This is where your bid for flooring, a/c, pool, cabinetry etc. will come in handy. Fingers crossed the offer is full price.

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