Bedroom count

August 9th, 2014 12:00am

Ten years ago the number of bedrooms was important but not a deal killer. If we could find room in the laundry room or a nook for an office , that would take the place of that extra bedroom. Technically, a bedroom must have a closet and a window. Lately I have noticed a trend towards bigger families.The listings that have 5 plus bedrooms get the most play. This has been in all price points. At an open house a year ago, I had 6 families with 3-6 kids each come through in one day ! They were willing to wall in one bay of the 3 car garage to create another room. Prior to putting your home on the market, think about the home office you have. If it is in a bedroom , put that bed back in ! If you have a 3 bedroom plus den floor plan, buy an Armoire ( Ikea ) to leave as a closet. Put a daybed in the room, now you have a 4 bedroom home ! Relocate your office to the little used Living room. Place your desk behind a sofa and keep your clutter in baskets underneath desk. Go find those bedrooms ! Just received a call to list a 6 bedroom home, it is going to sell, Wahoo!

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