After the purge

August 10th, 2014 12:00am

So, you have been ruthless in your purging .The closets are half full. The linen closets are neatly stacked . Fresh linens on all beds smell yummy. Bathrooms have nothing on the counters, buy a basket and place it under the sink for showings. Clean the drawers in vanities as buyers open these. Hide all prescription meds please as these are easily taken. about a pre- market inspection ?  The cost is around 11 cents per square foot but is priceless in the negotiating process. Each Inspector will have different items BUT the big stuff like a/c, pool, plumbing ,electrical and roof will be addressed. This is an invasive process at an emotional time . Much easier if you take control and pay for it prior to marketing. This does not replace the buyer's inspection, they will be advised to have another one. Purge, Inspect and Repair for a happy ending.

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